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November 21, 2010: 

New Audio Added!


* Glasgow - November 7, 2010. The band digs deep for songs like Cry, Cry, High Roller and NEED YOUR LOVE in their first of four shows in the UK.

* Wolverhampton - Novermber 8, 2010. Adding such great tunes as The House is Rocking, Looking Out For Number One, and Downed.
(Thanks to the tapers and traders of these fine shows.)

* The Howard Stern Show from 2006. Hear the band reveal personal details of their lives as only Howard can inspire. Plus, hear THREE different stories about how the band got it's name...

* Off The Record with Uncle Joe Benson (RIP) from 1999.


November 27, 2009: 

New Video Added!

Selections from some show at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles from 1988. Watch the boys and several rock stars including members of Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and Whitesnake butcher some classic songs.

The Biggest, Bad-assed collection of Cheap Trick video on the web.


August 12, 2008: 

New Video Added!

- Rockpalast 1979 - Originally broadcast on WDR Germany, this includes "Speak Now", which never aired. The band at their fiercest, and finest.

- VH1: Headline Act - Interviews with Rick and Robin. From 2005, promoting "Essential Cheap Trick".

- VH1: Hangin' With... - Interview with Rick and Robin (together). From 2006, promoting "Rockford".

The Biggest, Bad-assed collection of Cheap Trick video on the web.



May 6, 2008: 

Pleased to finally unveil...

The Biggest, Bad-assed collection of Cheap Trick video on the web.



November 23, 2007: 

Time to give thanks!  New  Audio & Video.

Cheap Trick at the Hollywood Bowl, headlining.  Who would have thought that?  Please enjoy their historic concert celebrating the 40th Anniversary of The Beatles album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, along with special guests.    August 10, 2007.

Also, "Music for Gurms".  This disc was handed out to attendees of Trickfest 3, and has some great stuff.

And, a nice show from Houston in 2003.  They start off the show acoustically and then plug-in.  Nice set list.  Please, join me, in the Audio Room.

AND, new video on my You Tube page.  "I'll  Be With You Tonight" and "Reach Out" from Germany, 1983.  And "Loser" from Trickfest 2.


April 22, 2007: 

New  Video Added!

Added a couple of new video clips.  Also, check out my You Tube page for some great vintage Trick Video!


December 18, 2006: 

New  Video Added!

Classic clips, news stories, feature pieces, etc.  Enjoy!!

Please, join me in the Video Lounge


November 24, 2006: 

New  Video Added!

Don't stop me, I'm on a roll...

Still high, (the Japan thing, come on now) I'm adding more downloadable video from the New York 2001 show with Daxx on drums.  It aired on Japanese television so there's your connection.  "Tonight It's You" and "Eight Miles Low" are added. 

Next are some songs from Japan 2003 -  "My Obsession" , "Best Friend", "Scent of a Woman" and "I Don't Love Here Anymore".

Then I've added the "He's A Whore" First Album Promo Video, and footage the boys being inducted into the Rock Walk of Fame in Hollywood by  legendary DJ Jim Ladd.

Please, join me in the Video Lounge


November 18, 2006: 

New Concerts, Photos and Video Added!

I hope you've enjoyed the Howard Stern and Rockline Rockford stuff. 

I'm still on a bit of a Japanese High so I thought I'd add some photos and video of my trip to Japan for 2 Trick shows, plus some shots from The Wiltern here in Los Angeles with my favorite Japanese Girls! 

Please, join me in the
Photo Lounge.

Continuing the high, we move to the Audio Room.  Starting off with an incredible 2-disc soundboard recording from Yokohama, 1994.  Excellent set, excellent sound.

Then we've got  a very nice recording also from Yokohama, in 2001.  A really tasty set list.

And to cap it all off  is an acoustic show last month at the opening of the Hard Rock Cafe in Narita.  Ain't That A Shame acoustic - not be missed...

Please, join me, in the Audio Room.

New "Must See CT" is coming soon!


July 6

New Concerts Added!

Sorry it's been 7 months since the last update.  Please enjoy a few summer shows from days gone by. 

First up is  their Whiskey show in  Hollywood on June 3, 1977.  That's right, '77.  Great show, great sound.

Next is an Alpine Valley, WI show from July 3, 1982.  Some great songs there, quality doesn't suck.

Then, a 2 disc set from the Galaxy In Anaheim, CA from July 16, 2001.  Quality does suck but there are some interesting songs played that night.

Please, join me, in the Audio Room.


December 8 2005: 

New Concerts Added!

In anticipation of the upcoming New Year's Eve show in Las Vegas, I thought I'd
add a few other end of the year Cheap Trick celebrations, one of which is widely circulated, and one of which I was fortunate enough to attend.  Also added a show from their 2001 tour of Japan.  I didn't attend this one, but I did attend the other 4, all of which will be added next year.  Who Knows?  Maybe this New Year's show will be added next... 

Please, join me, in the Audio Room.

how can i move forward when i don't know which way i'm facing


April 8, 2005: 

New Videos Added!

Stop This Game - German TV 1980 Lip Sync (can you say Pete Comita?)
I'll Be With You Tonight - Rockpalast 83
Surrender - Midnight Special 79 (Terrible Ted introduces)
Ain't That A Shame and Stiff Competition - Rockapalast 79 (Check out the ending of Stiff, Tom's bass amp dies and the songs stops)
Carnival Game - VH1 Hard Rock Live
High Roller and On Top of the World - NY 2001
Way of the World - Video

September 14: 

General tinkering...  Added a new Speak Now page.  Stop by and tell me everything.  New stuff coming soon, cuz the boys will be in Southern California soon, and I can feel it.

July 27, 2004: 

Have you checked the TV on the Video Page?
July 20, 2004: Disc One of Heaven Tonight Album show from Los Angeles, October of 1998 IS BACK! 


A Shameful Reminder of how much I used to update  this place...

April 20: Bootleg of the "Month"Disc 2 of The Heaven Tonight Album Show from Los Angeles, October of 1998. 
January 25: PREMIERE:   Check out the complete radio interview Rick did on January 21 in San Francisco where he debuts 2 songs from the new album, tentatively scheduled for a March U.S. release.. 

Bootleg of the "Month" The Heaven Tonight Album Show from Los Angeles, October of 1998.  Disc 1 of 2.  Check back next month for the second part.

Photos  From the January 18 Pechanga Casino Show in Temecula, Ca.


January 8: Photos  From the St. Petersburg and Ft. Lauderdale shows December 28 and 29.  
December 16: Bootleg of the "Month" Added one of my favorite live recordings, Cheap Trick from the House of Blues in July of 1994 during the Woke Up With A Monster tour.  It's an awesome recording (with a few glitches and some feedback which is why I believe it was never released in any way).  Do check it out.  Thanks for your suggestions about the other shows you want to hear.  I'll try to get to as many as I can.

Photos  New photos in the Galleries section of the lovely ladies of Cheap Chick from their recent appearance at the world famous Spaceland club in Silverlake California.

I'm getting ready to head over to sunny Florida for the 3 shows which will close out this year.  Stay tuned for photos and updates!

As always, thanks for your support!

September 5: Photos  Pictures of my new favorite Cheap Trick Tribute Band, the all-girl Cheap Chick!  (Sorry Dream Police x 2).  They had their debut gig recently in Silverlake, Ca and they made me go completely wild!  See why.

Plus, some amazing photos from the Los Angeles House of Blues show back in July of this year, courtesy of Brian Mason.  Brian takes the finest photos of the band anywhere, and if the official page doesn't want to use them, I certainly will.  Thank you Brian, your work is truly appreciated.

Bootleg of the Month:  Disc 2 of "The Completely Unauthorized at Roxy-kan: The Complete Concert".  Tracks inlcude Need Your Love, High Roller and California Man.  Enjoy.

August 1: Photos from the July 9, 2002 show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, and the July 12 show at the Canyon Club in Augora Hills, Ca.   Big thank yous go out to Mindy, Elsa, Junko and Lisa for their contributions.

Bootleg of the Month:  "The Completely Unauthorized at Roxy-kan: The Complete Concert".  Actually only Disc 1 of this two disc show.  To support the release of Live at Budokan: The Complete Concert, the band played a special show at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood of the entire Budokan concert.   Enjoy these 11 tracks. Disc 2 to follow.

May 28: Did someone say "update"?   Sorry for the delay kiddies, there just hasn't been enough time or enough going on in the CT camp to merit an update.  The 2002 summer tour is kicking off nicely, and I hope to see some of you at the West Coast shows.  Rumblings of a new studio album being released later this year are keeping us all going.  Many of you have heard some of the new songs at recent shows (and maybe on this site for a short while...), and I think they'll sound great in the studio.  Can't wait to hear a new record.  It's definitely needed because, speaking for myself, I just can't purchase another live record.  

MP3s:  Until the new record comes out, let me take you back, way back, to June of 1979.  Cheap Trick plays 3 sold out shows at the Chicago Amphitheatre, and the second night is broadcast live on local radio station WLUP.  My older brother, who turned me on to the band a few months earlier, gave me 2 tickets to the show but unfortunately, I didn't have a driver's license so I couldn't go.   I did however, have a tape recorder.   This show has been "released" in various incarnations - "Top of the World" and "Lookout Chicago", but this is my very own boot, my recording, complete with DJ banter between encores.  Dowload the MP3s and burn your own discs, they fit together perfectly and should give you an idea of what is was like listening to the show on the radio.  A few interesting things to note in this show:  Tom's intros to Ain't That A Shame and  I Know What I Want are quite different from what you've probably heard before and sound great; during Rick's guitar solo, he adds a little riff from The Who's Substitute; Robin forgets the words to Aufie.   When I listened to this show, Robin's voice sounded so burnt out, I never would have imagined he could sing as well as he does today.  He is truly amazing. 

The CT excitement is slowly coming back to Trick World.   Summer shows in Cali and a new record possibly seeing the light of day this year should get me motivated to update more regularly.  Look for some new video and photos coming soon. 

I thank you for your patience.

December 26: Once again, I'm leaving sunny Southern California for a few days to catch the much-anticipated shows in Rockford and Chicago, marking the return of Bun E. on drums.  As the band has been off the road for a few months, these shows should be something special   New Year's Eve and Cheap Trick - what could be better?

MP3s:  Added four tracks from Cheap Trick's 4 night stand in Chicago back in May of 1998.  These are songs not chosen for the Music For Hangovers CD and were available for a short time from, now defunct.  I don't believe these should pose a problem because they are not commercially available.  We shall see.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago.  Happy 2000+2!!

November 15: New Photos of the recent Southern California shows with big thanks Brian Mason for his contribution.  I've got more to scan so check back soon.

Audio:  A repeat performance of the 1999 appearance on Rockline.  If you forward about 37 minutes into the show, you'll hear John Candas, long time friend and merchandise manager for the band who recently passed away.  R.I.P John, you'll be missed.

At long last, the band will be playing a two shows at the Coronado Theatre in Chicago December 29 and 30.  Click here for more info. 

October 2: Many of you have asked, and most of you are probably wondering...  At the request of the band and their management, I have removed the streaming audio and MP3s of recent concert performances - most notably, the new songs. (Bun E. could not be reached for comment.) 

I will, however, be adding some stunning new photos of  these recent shows, and will decide on the next course of multimedia action at Trick World. Thank you for your patience and support.
September 4: Added another new song, Scent of a Woman, plus The House is Rocking, both from the House of Blues show in Anaheim.  Audio.
August   26: It was a long time coming but it sounds so SWEET!  Cheap Trick's recent swing through Sunny California in July brought out interesting changes and welcomed surprises.  After the Vegas show on July 14, Bun E. went in for surgery on his long-ailing back.  Harmony Riley, a band featuring 2 of Rick's sons (Miles and Daxx) were opening the California shows and it was only fitting that Daxx fill in for Bun E.   From that night on, the set list changed drastically.  Not only were brand new songs being played, but the band reached deep into their well-stocked bag of tricks and played rare cuts from their previous albums.  Way Of The World, Lookout, Borderline, Looking Out For Number One, Love Comes and many more obscure tunes found their way into the set list. 

Audio:  For your listening pleasure, please enjoy these rare live new songs in Real Audio:  Special One, She's Alright and Give It Away from the acoustic show in Saratoga, California, and Words Can Never Say It, She's So Bad and Give It Away from the House of Blues show in Anaheim, California.  Plus, download MP3s of Hot Love and Ghost Town from Nagoya, Japan April 2, 2001, It All Comes Back To You and Taxman from Shibuya, Japan April 6, 2001, Baby Loves To Rock and I Don't Love Here Anymore from Central Point, Oregon July 21, 2001, Lookout and Borderline from Saratoga, California July 19.2001.  Plus a special treat for a young girl at the Galaxy show in Santa Ana.  Rick invited her up on stage and she introduced herself as Candice.  Ironically enough, Oh Candy was next on the set list and Robin sings the first chorus as Oh Candice.

Photos - Band and Fan photos from the California shows.  Thanks to Rusty, Mindy, Mari, Mika, Mutsumi and Tony GH for their photos.

May 19: New MP3s - Check out how the band opened their NYE 2000 show with this awesome version of
Speak Now.  It's a little bass-heavy but all you Tom fans will certainly enjoy the extended intro.  Also from that show, the first "new" song to come out of the boys in quite a while, She's All Right.   For you Robin fans, an acoustic version of I've Always Got You.   Going way back to 1975, a song called Burnin' In My Heart with a great intro by Rick bashing Styx.  Daddy Should Have Stayed in High School live from 1998, and the band SR-71 has been playing I Want You To Want Me live lately.  Check out this great version where they incorporate the John Denver classic, Country Roads and Prince's Purple Rain into IWYTWM. 
April 30: Sorry it's been so long Kiddies.  Finished the Japan Tour Page.  Check it out for reviews,  fan photos, band photos and scans of the new Japan Tour Program.  Another update will happen next week  - with a whole slew of new MP3s.
March 2: MP3s - Great "new" MP3s for your listening pleasure:   Bite It recorded live from Trickfest 1, a live version of Busted from Germany 1990, sing some more to this Karaoke version of I Want You To Want Me, the original version of That '70s Song,  In The Street by Big Star, an acoustic version of Carnival Game from a 1998 radio appearance, and by popular demand, 3 tunes from the 1984 release by Tom Peterson and Another Language (yes, that's how his name is spelled on the album) Lose Your Mind, All I Need, and with Tom on lead vocals, My Car.  All I can say is, wow...  By the way, Silver, the 2-disc 25th Anniversary show from Rockford should now be at your local record or online store.  Do yourself a favor and buy it!
January 23: MP3s - Putting back up a few tunes by request: Lookout from Osaka 1978 released on the Budokan Re-master Sampler, Take Me I'm Yours by Yours Truly, a 1982 demo Get Ready, Marilyn Manson's Un-censored version of Surrender from his NYE 2000 show, an acoustic version of Woke Up With A Monster (yes, acoustic) from a 1998 radio appearance, and last but not least, sing along to a Karaoke version of Surrender.
January 14: Fan Photos from New Year's Eve Added!
January 11: Band Photos from New Year's Eve Added!
December 30: So I'm leaving beautiful 75 degree weather in Southern California for the New Year's Eve show in that oh-so-hip town of Merrillville, Indiana, where I believe the high for the day today was a nipply 18 degrees.  Do I even own a winter jacket?  Do I really even care?   Just get me to the airport, put me on a plane!  And just a song before I go...
MP3s - In anticipation of the NYE show with that incredible Japanese Tribute Band Cheap Track opening, I've added their blistering version of Woke Up With A Monster.  And in keeping with the theme, Cheap Trick's version of Auld Lang Syne from a 1989 NYE show (if you're home that night, play it at midnight and imagine you're in Merrillville... sorry, that was cruel of me).  Bob Dole recently did some wacky commercial for Comedy Central during the recent presidential campaign, in which he talks about his favorite album, Live at Budokan.  Remember, Bob Dole Wants You To Want Him!   Check out this .wav clip of that Bob Dole commercial.  Plus, an amazing acoustic version of The Ballad of TV Violence from a radio show appearance in 1998. And, I recently heard a live version of Stiff Competition from a Chicago show in 1998.  I was so blown away with it that I had to add it.   Listen to Tom and Bun E. during the little break before the last chorus, they absolutely smoke.  No question, this band only gets better with age.  See for yourself in a little side-by-side comparison with the same song from another Chicago show in 1979. 

See ya next year!  Let's hope we see a new studio album soon!!

December 7: MP3s - From a San Jose, California show in 1998, Lookout and Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace.   The crackling during the intro to Speak Now is Robin's microphone.  He had to change mics and we're treated to an extended intro with some cool guitar licks.  The Flame from Saratoga, California this past June, Time Is Runnin' from Alpine Valley, Wisconsin 1982, and acoustic versions of Always Got You, Wherever Would I Be and My Generation.  Plus, Real Video of the CT clip from VH1's Top 100 Hard Rock Bands of All Time
October 15: MP3s - Just had to do it.  From the forthcoming release by Dwight Yoakam, check out this clip of his version of I Want You To Want Me.  It just goes to show you that a good song is a good song, regardless of who does it, and Dwight does it good.
October 8: MP3s - Okay kiddies, for the first time anywhere (?), a live recording of The House is Rockin from the Pomona, Ca show September 14, 2000.  Also an electric version of Tell Me Everything from that same show.  A great copy of the 25th Anniversary Show in Rockford found its way to Trick World and these tracks are amazing.  Ever hear Dream Police, Stop This Game, or Gonna Raise Hell live with an orchestra?  Check these out, they're great.  Plus, Jammin' w/ Bon, Malcolm + Angus (of AC/DC) from Bun E.'s Basement Boot, High Priest of Rhythmic Noise from Dallas 1980, and Say Goodbye from the acoustic show in Saratoga, Ca June 30, 2000.  AND, the original version of Speak Now of Forever Hold Your Peace by Terry Reid.  As if that weren't enough, full version of Speck's Take Me I'm A Whore, Younger Girls, and That '70s Song.

Check out this great article from the August issue of CMJ's New Music Monthly magazine. Written by Cheryl Botchick, the article is devoted to explore the mystery of why Cheap Trick still has such a devoted fan base. It mentions and shows photos of friends we all know, and even plugs this web page. Thanks Cheryl.

September 20: New Live Photos from the September 14 show in Pomona, Ca.  Big thanks to Steve J. for his contributions.
September 4: An eclectic bunch of MP3s this time around...  
MP3s - From the June 30 Saratoga acoustic show , Borderline and Mandocello, and while we're on the acoustic kick, how about You Let A Lot of People Down and It All Comes Back to You both from 1997 radio appearances.  Here's a great version of Mandocello from Concrete Blonde. Digging into  the vault we find  Dancing the Night Away from Germany 1983, Carnival Game from New York 1997, and from the Sub Pop Single / CT97 Extra CD it's Baby Talk.  And because the band has recently added The House is Rockin' to their set list, here's my personal online plea to them to add Way of the World.  Check out how great this song is from this 1979 New Years Eve show in Los Angeles.
August 20: The Saratoga, California show (June 2000) seems to be finding it's way to Trick World.  So, 2 new songs:  
MP3s - From Saratoga, Lookout acoustic and from the Budokan Remaster Sampler, a different version of Lookout. Can you tell that this is one of my favorite CT tunes?
August 16: Elo Kiddes!   What's new for the month of August? 
MP3s - The original version of California Man by The Move, Big Black (featuring Steve Albini) covering He's A Whore, a Cheap Trick demo from 1985 Name of the Game, plus Oh Boy (with vocals) and You Talk Too Much, both from 1980, and from March 1980 in Providence, a live version of I'll Be With You Tonight.
GALLERIES - Another page of great photos from the San Diego and Las Vegas shows in July.  Thanks to Mindy, Robyn H. and Carole (Januaryfriend) for their photo contributions.
THE DREAM POLICE - Check out some photos of this great L.A. based tribute band.
July 14: I'm heading out of town for a week so please sit back and enjoy this update until I get back: 
ALT.TRIBUTE.CHEAP-TRICK 3 - The new Fan Tribute CD is ready!   GREAT stuff from all over the world!
MP3s - Added a strange live version of She's Tight with Rick singing, and also with Rick on vocals is World's Greatest Lover from the 25th Anniversary show in Rockford, the Smashing Pumpkins doing a live version of I Want You To Want Me, in celebration if it being added back to recent set lists, Downed from Los Angeles April 27, 1998, the entire Speck CD American Standard, plus our live version of Say Goodbye, also Hot Love from Trick's 1999 New Years Eve show from Orlando, Oh Candy and Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace from Providence March 24, 1980, and an acoustic version of Didn't Know I Had It from a Rockline appearance in May of 1997.  All previous MP3s have been removed.
REAL AUDIO - Entire broadcasts of their Rockline appearance in June of 1999 and Off The Record, originally broadcast January 23, 1999.
GALLERIES - New pictures from the sound check at Humphrey's, San Diego July 2, 2000-0.  More photos including Las Vegas July 3, 2000 to come!
June 4: MP3s - Sabre Dance from the Japanes import of Woke Up With A Monster, a demo from the Doctor sessions Dance to the Drummer. Plus 2 live versions of Surrender - one where Green Day absolutley butchers it, and one with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, who shares vocals with Robin. Excellent!!
May 28: Added some great new live photos from the Richardson, Texas show April 29 (Thanks Hugh!) and a link to the WebCast.  It's a great show with a cool, somewhat different set list.  Lookoutt Las Vegas July 3rd!   Viva!
May 27: MP3s 5 New live tunes, not commercially available anywhere so don't feel guilty about downloading them! Time Is Running from 1982, Everything Works If You Let It from Yokohama Japan 1980, Writing On The Wall Stockholm 1979,  Takin' Me Back from Paris 1978.  And for those of you fortunate enough to see the All Request/Cover show at Trickfest 3, this should bring back some sweet memories -  Shakin' All Over from the Limelight in NYC 1989. Also, the Hidden Track from Cheap Trick 1997.  And thanks to Steve, I've added "Shelter" to the Chords section.
May 26: MP3s Added 2 live tunes, Baby Loves To Rock and Auf Wiedersehen, with the Smashing Pumpkins, and Sam Kinison's cover of Gonna Raise Hell.  Also, I hate to put you through it, but check out Cheap Trick's version of Wild Thing from The Encino Man Soundtrack.
May 6: Real Audio Another Speck World Premiere!  Their highly anticipated version of Take Me I'm Yours, Take Me I'm a Whore. Plus, Howard Stern sings (I use that term loosely) and talks about Cheap Trick on his radio show Friday May 5, 2000.
April 23: Real Audio Until I get a new and improved Trick World Radio on the air, please enjoy the latest from Speck.   Hot out of Studio 411, Speck is proud to World Premiere 2 brand new tunes, In The Streets (That '70s Speck Song) and Younger Girls, recorded for submission to the new Cheap Trick tribute CD.
April 19: Not an update in the traditional sense, but a fond farewell (for the moment) to Trick World Radio. I received the following email from the host of my streaming audio:

It appears that your stream was identified by the RIAA as an Artist-Only
broadcast.  Which means that you have more than 3 songs from a single
artist's CD (likely Cheap Trick based upon your name and the name of your
stream) or more than for 4 songs from any artist within any 3 hours of your
Please let us know immediately if this is not the case or if you have
permission from the rights holders to do this broadcast.  If you have any
questions please feel free to contact us.
Best Regards,

Sorry Kiddies, Big Brother is indeed watching...

April 9: MP3s added Speck Fest!  In celebration of Speck returning to the studio to record for 3, the entire American Standard CD - Oh Caroline, I Know What I Want, Downed, Carnival Game and Lookoutt.  Also, Say Goodbye recorded live from last year's Cheap Trick Tribute Show in San Francisco.  And if that weren't enough, a clip of a demo of a ballad on acid, Speck's raucous version of Take Me I'm Yours (warning:  Adult Language). But wait, there's more!  Another 3 demo - A wav file from a band tentatively going by the name CHARman LESson, Tell Me Everything.
April 5: MP3s added Oh Candy from the 25th Anniversary Show in Rockford Illinois August 28, 1999 (can you tell I like any version of that song?  Also, a nifty little ditty called BC, RZ, RP from 1974.  Not sure who "RP" is, perhaps a typo...
April 3: MP3s added Never Had A Lot To Lose from the New Year's Eve show at Disney World and The Flame from a December Radio Appearance.  
March 29: MP3s added From the Bun E. Bootleg, smokin' live versions of Cry Cry and Oh Candy.  
MP3s Removed
- Heart of Stone, Next Position Please, Stone Cold Rhythm Shake, Tonight It's You, Love Comes.
March 25: MP3s added A Cover and a Tribute, I Want You To Want Me by Letters to Cleo and Cheap Tribute by Podgiegaloop.
The Horny Bulls cover I Know What I Want from the Battle of the Bands at Trickfest 3.
MP3s Removed - Disco Paradise, Ain't Got You, Burning in my Heart, Don't Hit Me With Love, Don't Ever Let Me Go, Highway to Hell, Lose Your Mind, Yardbirds Medley.
March 22: MP3s added Recent Soundtrack requests, I Will Survive from The Gladiator   and Mighty Wings from Top Gun.
March 3: MP3s added Requests including Heart of Stone a 1988 outtake, Robin Zander outtakes Miss Tomorrow and Stone Cold Rhythm Shake, an amazing demo version of  Next Position Please with Mr. Tom Petersson on shared lead vocals, and something I couldn't help but share, Time Will Let You Know, a duet from Robin and his lovely daughter, Holland, at the 25th Anniversary Show during Trickfest 3.
Feb. 12: VIDEO Still in the testing phase, I'm trying to add some good quality video of rare Cheap Trick performances. This one, Voices, is from the 1979 Saturday Morning show, "Kids are People Too". It requires Real Player 7.0 to play, which you can download here.  It was designed for 56k modem users but faster connection speeds give an extremely smooth clip.  Bear with me, as I work out the bugs.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please let me know how it works for you! 
Jan. 23: MP3 added By request, Big Bang, from the Japanese import of Busted.
Jan. 21: MP3s added - I'm Losing You live from Cheap Trick's 25th Anniversary Show in Rockford, August 28th, 1999; Yardbirds Medley a tasty tribute to one of Cheap Trick's influences (it's only instrumental, sorry RZ fans); What's Her Name an unreleased RZ solo track and a Pepsi Commercial with Robin singing (there you go RZ fans); Get Ready an unreleased 1982 demo; also a demo version of Tonight's It's You; and you asked for it, you got it, Spring Break from the Spring Break Soundtrack.   Also added a short clip from a local Los Angeles DJ touting the praises of Cheap Trick.
MP3s removed -   Such A Good Girl and Day Tripper from Found All The Parts, Lookout live from Chicago 1979, the studio version of Lookout, Go For The Throat live and Kick Out The Jams with Wayne Kramer
12-31-99: MP3s added - Lose Your Mind by Tom Peterson and Another Language (featuring Tom's former wife Dagmar); unreleased demos Don't Hit Me with Love, Ain't Got You, All Those Years and Don't Ever Let Me Go; a live track from 1975 called Burning in My Heart featuring a hilarious intro; and Full Moon Turn My Head Around and Hang on for Love by Off Broadway, a band who often opened for Cheap Trick in the Chicago area in the early '80s. Also, a live version of Auld Lang Syne, recorded 10 years ago today.
MP3s removed -   Stiff Competition (Live '79), On Top of the World (Live '79), Dream the Night Away (Demo), Say Goodbye (Demo), Everything Works if You Let It and Christmas Christmas.